Astra Zeneca Arimidex

Astra Zeneca Arimidex

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*** Pharmacy Grade Product

Manufacturer: Astra Zeneca

Substance: Anastrozole

Package: 28 tabs of 1 mg



Arimidex is another medication created for the treatment of cutting edge breast tumor in ladies. Its produced by Zenica Pharmaceuticals and was sanction for utilization in the United States toward the end of December 1995;. Arimidex acts by hindering the protein aromatize, accordingly obstructing the generation of estrogen, since most bosom disease is empowered by estrogen levels. This item is utilized amid high androgenic steroids, for example, Dianabol and testosterone where estrogen levels need to be viewed on account of gynecomastia and water maintenance purposes. 

Drug Dosage: 

Arimidex measurements of 1-2 tablets every day can deliver estrogen concealment by 80% of a few patients. 

Medication Side Effects: 

This medication is moderately mellow, yet when estrogen levels are diminished the danger of HDL levels can significantly drop bringing on cholesterol issues.

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