Pfizer Cabaser Dostinex 1 mg 04-2022 exp

Pfizer Cabaser Dostinex 1 mg 04-2022 exp

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*** Pharmacy Grade Product

Manufacturer: Upjohn Pharma

Substance: Cabergoline

Package: 20 tabs of 1 mg

*Due to sound the box makes, we may have to open up and put cotton inside to prevent the sound, for customs safety.

***Pfizer Cabaser has a chronic problem with close expiration dates(even newest lotes). Please keep in mind that all Turkish Pharmacy grade products can be used 1 year after expiration date in hospitals. 

Initially presented by the opposition to maturing group to the getting huge world, this dopamine receptor agonist has the compound name of 1-[(6-allylergolin-8ß-yl)-carbonyl]-1-[3-(dimethylamino) propyl]-3-ethylurea and tablets of this medication incorporate 0.5 mg of cabergoline and the rundown of latent fixings incorporates leucine, USP, lactose, and NF. 

The most compelling motivation why this medication is appreciated by beginner and expert competitors is on the grounds that it helps them diminish or kill the dangers connected with overabundance prolactin that is regular with utilization of brutal and aromatizable steroids like Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin. Moreover, this medication is additionally valuable for treating sexual brokenness created by overabundance prolactin other than picking up an erection in the middle of climaxes and diminishing recuperation time after serious workouts or weight preparing and quality preparing activities. Notwithstanding these focal points, the utilization of Dostinex is similarly valuable to battle estrogenic symptoms, for example, slick skin, pimple inflamation, gynecomastia, and bloating and treating wellbeing difficulties like galactorrhea and sexual brokenness. It is likewise routinely demonstrated to patients with Parkinson's malady as it can possibly take a shot at data pathways and sensory system of the body.

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