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Shippings and Returns
We ship all orders within 2-3 days of funds being picked up. We can not ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 2-3 days to process your payment (excluding weekends). Orders with Bitcoin payments are mostly processed faster as no time is lost for transfer withdrawal.

When you check out, your shipping charges will be automatically calculated during checkout prior to the completion of your order. 

Turkish Pharmacy Steroids may change the shipping method (depending on latest customs success rates) without prior notification, in this case, if the shipping method used costs more than your order, it will be free of charge. If it costs less than your preferred shipping method, free products will be added to your order automatically. 

Shipping Methods:

Regular Airmail - 25 $ / 5-30 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required. TP Domestic Line is delivered in 2-3 days, please choose this method if you are making a TP Domestic Line order. 


-Express Mail Service - 50 $  5-15 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required.(temporarily unavailable due to low price/performance rate)


-Free Shipping with regular airmail (will be available for orders above 500 $ only) / 5-30 day delivery time. Signature may or may not be required.


-Private Courier - 80 $ expedited shipping, 2-4 day delivery time depending on country and courier (Shipping will be sent with one of these listed: DHL-Fedex-Aramex-UPS) All reship guarantees are valid for this shipping method too. Signature may or may not be required. 


Please wait for 30 days to contact us about the non-arrival of your order (except Private Courier which is pretty fast). In case you ask about non arrival of your order too early, the question may be ignored. If a seizure letter is received by your side, send it to us and we reship the order for free right away, if not, there must have been 1 month after the shipping has been sent for us to be able to send the reship without a customs letter at hand. We do not guarantee arrival dates when an order is made. 



I have not received my package as: I was not at home when postal service came/ I gave inadequate adress/My adress changed/I forgot that I made an order/I forgot to add postal code to receiver adress/my zip code was missing/ I used a shorter version of my name instead of my complete name etc.. What should I do? 

(PS: please keep in mind that we have one reship guarantee just for customs seizures and lost shippings for ALL countries (except Australia and Canada), so this question applies to "client's faults" only)

As when we ship and shippings are returned for some reason, there is ALWAYS a customs check for returning packages(they try to find out why it was returned even if the shipping is not opened by receiver country's customs). So for discretion reasons we do NOT send from real adresses or names. 

For the reasons above, we do NOT have any reship guarantee if the shippings arent received by customer even though postal service/courier came to the adress client has given us to deliver the shipping. For all countries, we have 1 reship guarantee for every shipping we send to receiver for any customs issue they might have. 

Its %100 client's responsibility to track and get the shipping.


We have one reship guarantee for ALL countries (except Australia and Canada ), free of charge. All gifts will also be included in reship. We do not offer a second reship for any country. 


We also offer TP Domestic Line reship for USA clients. Which means in case of a customs seizure, client can make a new order from our TP Domestic Line section of same amount and we resend it for free. Example: You made an order of 400$ to USA and it was seized. You contact us about seized shipping and tell us you would like a domestic reship and we resend you your new order of 400 $ from TP Domestic Line of our web site for free.


Shipping Methods Comparison Depending on Country and Country DISCOUNTS(discounts are valid for all shipping methods):

UK clients are recommended to choose regular airmail as its already as fast and safe as EMS. Private Courier is very fast 1-3 days. %100 success rate. UK DISCOUNT CODE: england10 (Can only be used for orders to UK adress)

USA clients can choose any shipping method. (California clients should choose EMS). We do not accept any responsibility and have no reship guarantee for USA orders with missing or wrong postal code. 

Ireland clients are recommended to choose regular airmail or private courier as it is safe for customs. 

Spain clients are recommended to choose regular airmail or private courier. %100 success rate. Spain DISCOUNT CODE: spain10 (Can only be used for orders to Spain adress) We do not send to Spain with EMS.

Canada clients are recommended to choose private courier. Customs risk is on client for Canada.

Australia  clients are recommended to choose regular airmail or private courier as Australia doesnt accept EMS from where we ship. Customs risk  is on client for AU.

Germany clients are recommended to choose regular airmail. Germany DISCOUNT CODE: germany10 (Can only be used for orders to Germany adress). We do not send to Germany with private courier and EMS.

Japan clients are recommended to choose regular airmail. %100 success rate.  Japan DISCOUNT CODE: japan10 (Can only be used for orders to Japan adress)

France clients are recommended to choose regular airmail. France DISCOUNT CODE: france10 (Can only be used for orders to France adress) %100 success rate.

Italy clients are recommended to use ONLY "Private Courier" as shipping method as regular airmail and EMS are not successful for customs. 

Greece clients are recommended to choose regular airmail as shipping method. We do not send to Greece with Private Courier shipping method. Greece clients are recommended to choose smaller products in size (like 10 ml vials instead of amps) as we need to make extra small and discreet packages for Greece. 


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