TP Domestic FAQ

TP Domestic Line FAQ, please read before ordering:
-Can only be ordered within USA. 
-Discount codes are as below:
For 500$+   Tp Domestic Line orders, %10 discount code: tpd500
For 1000$+ Tp Domestic Line orders, %20 discount code: tpd1000
-International orders cant be shipped domestic, we can only send the items listed under the section on link below:
-Shippings are VERY discreet, even better than some international sources' shippings. 
-Shippings are mostly sent within 1-3 days after receiving the transfer.
-When shipped, it mostly lasts 2 days to arrive to client in USA.
-All are from our own lab except HCG and HGH.
-Payments can be made with regular payment methods we use: Bitcoin(and other cryptocurrencies), Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer. 
-On checkout you can choose regular airmail. 25 $
-For clients that have seized international shipping, we offer domestic reship guarantee too so in case they are in hurry, they can receive their order in just 2 days. (They need to make a new order from domestic section to be able to get domestic reship. We cant ship other products domestically if they arent on TP Domestic Line section of our web site)
-For TP Domestic Line orders, we can't send free products as gift. Please accept our apologies.
- If your TP Domestic Line 10 ml vial came by looking icy and un-solved, please boil some water and put the bottle inside for a few minutes and shake the bottle. It will go back to normal. For smooth injection, some additives and solvents are not put inside our TP Domestic Line, for that reason if the product stays in cold, it may look unsolved. Also for same reason, its one of the smoothest anabolic steroid line to inject.

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