TP Domestic FAQ

TP Domestic Line FAQ, please read before ordering:
-Can only be ordered within USA. 
-Content of oil based products are as: Grapeseed oil, %1 BA, %18-20 BB
-Content of capsules are as: raw material+ jelly powder filler. 
-TP Domestic Line orders are shipped seperately from international products. We can only send the items listed under the section on link below:
-Shippings are VERY discreet, even better than some international sources' shippings. 
-Shippings are sent within a week after receiving the transfer. Mostly sent in 2-3 days. 
-When shipped, packs mostly last 2-3 days to arrive to client in USA.
-All are from our own lab except HCG and HGH. These two are Chinese generic products. 
-Payments can be made with regular payment methods we use: Bitcoin(and other cryptocurrencies), WU, Bank Transfer. 
-On checkout please choose regular airmail. 25 $. No need to use faster shipping methods as product will be sent from inside USA. 
-For TP Domestic Line orders, we can't send free products as gift. Please accept our apologies.
- Oil based Tp Domestic Line products all have grape seed oil as base. 

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