Cinnatropin 30IU (Lab Tested)

Cinnatropin 30IU (Lab Tested)

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*** Pharmacy Grade Product

Lab results:


Manufacturer: Cinnagen, Iran

Substance: Somatropin

Package: 1 pen of 30 IU



A cinnatropin is 30 iu
It has 1.5ml sterile water in it.

Pen is 150 in total. 1.5ml. You can arrange the dose according. 

So 20 number (0.2ml) in smartpen equals to 4iu. 20 means 0.2ml. 80 number in pen equals 0.8 ml water=16iu
For 10 iu, you'd need a third of pen, which is 50 in pen(0.5ml)

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